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All forms of dispute resolution services are described and explained including arbitration,   mediation,   and expert determination   by a businessman who is a Chartered Engineer,   a Chartered Management Accountant,   an Arbitrator   and a CEDR Accredited Mediator.       Cliff Dilloway is experienced with computer matters,   accountancy,   finance,   intellectual property including copyright,   and the internet    as well as business management generally.

Browse down this site to obtain and download information that may be of assistance in helping to decide which of the many possible methods might be the best choice to resolve a legal dispute.

  1. Arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996
  2. Best not have a Dispute
  3. Starting a claim in the County Court (or before an arbitrator under an arbitration agreement)
  4. A Brief Guide to County Court Arbitrations
  5. Dispute Resolution Kit
  6. Evidence
  7. Expert Evidence
  8. Dispute Resolution Organizations
  9. Reviews of books on computer law topics.
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  11. Order form for book "Purchasing Computer Software Products" by Cliff Dilloway.

The Arbitration Act 1996  applies to all arbitrations whenever the arbitration agreement may have been made. This site contains material that will be useful in understanding the effect of this wide ranging Act of Parliament. There is also material to assist those fighting cases in the Small Claims Track in Court. An article Arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996 provides an overview of arbitration as it now is in England. In a nutshell businessman have the freedom to decide how they may have one of their number resolve their disputes outside the court system or in the relatively lawyer free Small Claims Track that handles claims of up to £5000.

Internet Self Regulation is prominently featured.      Follow the links for a description of a complete dispute resolution process that would be run,    operated and    controlled    by the Internet Community. This Material was prepared in 1998 and has attracted little interest since. The material has been left on this site unaltered because while several international attempts have been made to to devise schemes of Internet Regulation they have all failed to progress on account of the lack of an International Jurisdiction in which they could operate.

This site created and maintained by Cliff Dilloway and Graham Dilloway. While we have tried to present concepts in a complete manner at this site, I find there is always an exception when one discusses anything dealing with the law. Therefore any description of the concepts will be lacking in some manner and it may not hold under some circumstance. The concepts included here are to help the reader focus their thoughts in an area not normally considered; in so doing, some concepts have been simplified. While this site may be helpful in introducing new concepts, in the final analysis,  the reader should rely on their own lawyer for advice in their particular situation. This site is not a substitute for professional legal and intellectual property help. (With apologies to the book where these words were found).
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